How To Write Winning Real Estate Listings

While high-quality images are important when creating real estate listings, you also need to think about the textual content. What you write in the listing can make all the difference and you need to know how to write real estate listings correctly. There are a number of factors that you should consider which will help you write winning real estate listings.

Be Specific

You need to avoid being vague in your listing because it will make people think that you are hiding something. When you are describing the rooms in the house, you need to focus on certain features and be specific. An example of this is the kitchen where you should state the type of stone used for the countertops.

If you are going to be describing fireplaces in the home, you need to specify what fuel source they use. If the fireplace is wood-burning, you should be specific about this. Instead of stating that the floors are hardwood, you should tell people what type of wood it is. This will help people visualize the home and better understand the pictures that they look at.

Be Upfront

You should never shy away from being as upfront as possible. Potential buyers do not want to dig through a listing hoping to find the information they want. You should look at front-loading your listing with all the vital information that potential buyers need to know about the property.

You should include information about whether the property is a semi-attached or single-family home. You also need to provide some information about the neighborhood at the start of the listing. It is recommended that you have the street address in the first paragraph and search engines like listings that have the address in the last paragraph as well.

You should avoid keeping your street address a secret because this could be losing you potential buyers. When you provide a street address, it gives the buyers a chance to drive by the house and see if the listing is really for them. This will reduce the number of cold leads and increase the number of warm leads.

Use Correct Grammar

While this might seem like common sense, there are a lot of listings that have not been spell checked. The occasional misspelled word or incorrect grammar might be overlooked by a potential buyer that is skimming the listing. However, the search engines are not as forgiving and you need to consider this.

Search engines will favor listings that have correct spelling and grammar. You should never use all capital letters because the search engines will mark the listing as spam. Additionally, the potential buyers will think that you are yelling at them and this can be harder to read

Highlight The Improvements

If renovations have been done on the property, you need to highlight them. This is a major drawing card for potential buyers because they know that they will not have to do anything to the house for many years to come. One of the terms that you might want to consider using when you do this is ‘move-in ready’.

This term tells the buyers that updates have been recently completed and that the home is perfect for new owners. If the kitchen has been updated, you should state this in the listing and try to provide as much detail as possible. Listing what has been renovated or replace is a great way to hook a buyer that is unwilling to buy a property that they might need to fix.

To get more leads, you need to be able to create a winning real estate listing. While images are important and floor plans should be included, you should not underestimate the power for the wording that you use.